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Does Donald Trump Feel Shame?

I'd feel too much shame if I were to mislead you with a fake headline.  That's not who I want you to think I am - a con, a deceiver.  So I will get to Donald Trump and the issue of his possible involvement with shame.  However, this article is more about you, me, all of us, and shame - one of the most dominant, painful, yet often hidden, aspects of our emotional lives - and how we unconsciously deal with it and how we can consciously reduce its painful effects.   [VIEW ARTICLE]

Articles and Resources

We all desire to make improvements to our lives through various means from time to time.  Articles and other written materials regarding emotional and psychological challenges can be very helpful to many.  While not a substitute for personal therapy, they can be a bridge to the awareness and strategies needed to catalyze the process of change and bring some of the emotional relief you may be seeking.  

Below are articles reagrading various mental health and relationship topics that may pertain to struggles you are facing and how you might go about bringing change into your life.  

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Is Happiness a Choice?
  And What Does Fear Have to Do With It? 

This may seem like a strange question. How many push-ups can you do right now?  Let's say you give it your all, every ounce of energy. Perhaps you can't do any, or maybe you can do 5, 15, 45, or more. Whatever the case, there's a limit to how many you can do at this very moment.  You can't suddenly chose to do more than your limit and make it happen immediately, no matter how badly you want to. So what does this have to do with happiness and choice?  [VIEW ARTICLE]

How Does Change Happen?

You might have noticed.  Change is hard. Most of us seeking to make a change in our lives find it difficult to do, especially on our own. We look toward counselors, psychotherapists, coaches, psychiatrists, social workers, psychics, and psychic healers of all sorts, for guidance. 

We in the healing professions see our role as facilitators of that change, whether it be with individuals, couples, or families coming to us to make a difference in their lives. Change is what our business is all about.  [VIEW ARTICLE]

State of the Art Therapy

We take a leap of faith when we walk into a therapist's office. That always feels risky.  [VIEW ARTICLE  20-30 minute read.]

Steve Mackey is a cognitive-behavioral, exposure based, and motivational coherence-based mental health counselor and psychotherapist who offers individual  counseling and psychotherapy services for issues related to anxiety, depression, fear, mood problems, low self-esteem, anger, habits, and relationship struggles  for adults at 2020 Capitol Ave., Suite 5,  Sacramento, CA 95811, serving the Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Orangevale, Carmichael, Davis, and Galt communities. For more information contact  916 549-5772.

The information provided on this website is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Visiting this website does not constitute a therapist-client relationship.  Information found on the internet is not a substitute for individualized evaluation and treatment by a mental health professional.  All written and visual materials are the exclusive copyright of Steve Mackey, © 2011-2016.

Suicide & Crisis Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Your Barking Dog - Help or Hindrance?

Whether you've lived with dogs or not, you've experienced a barking dog.  Even if you've never seen or heard a dog in your life, you've known a barking dog.  That dog would be your own, the one who lives inside you, keeping you protected from harm and loss, or at least what it perceives to be harm or loss.  But protection always comes with a cost.  Do you know your barking dog, what scares him, and the price you pay to keep her feeling safe? [VIEW ARTICLE]

The Price of a Great Relationship

“Mom, he hit me.”  “I didn’t do anything.”  “Yes you did.”  “Well you started it.”  “Did not.”   “You called me a jerk”  “That’s because you used my skateboard and wouldn’t give it back.”  And on it goes.  Those are kids for you.  We were all like that once.  So nice that we’ve grown up and left those days behind.  Or have we?  “You’re never on time.”  [VIEW ARTICLE]

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